SCAPAC (Sonoma County Alliance Political Action Committee) is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated organization of individuals and firms, and is not affiliated with any political party. The Purposes of SCAPAC Are:

  • To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating members and the public to take a more active and effective part in government affairs.
  • To encourage members and the public to understand the nature and actions of their local government, and inform them as to the records of local officeholders and candidates for elective office.
  • To assist SCAPAC members and others in organizing for more effective political actions and carrying out other civic responsibilities.
  • To recommend financial support for city or county issues and legislative matters of concern to members and the public.

The Sonoma County Alliance PAC meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Meet Mike Arendt, SCAPAC Chair.


Tim Aboudara – Santa Rosa Fire Fighters
Tony Alvernaz – Retired
Mike Arendt – Exchange Bank
Jim Beyers – Beyers Costin
John Bly – Engineering Contractors Assoc.
Tony Cabrera – Santa Rosa Management Assoc.
Keith Christopherson – Artisan Homes
Howard Daulton – Exchange Bank
Katie Davis – PG&E
Paul Donaldson – Donaldson Consulting
Clayton Engstrom – Signature Properties/NORBAR
Paul Gilman – Petaluma Police Officers Association
Eric Goldschlag – SRPD Management Assoc.
Craig Harrington (Sec/Treas) – Quaker Hill Development
Dennis Harter – Sequoia Pacific Mortgage
Greg Hurd – BKF Engineers
Judy James – Comcast

Ross Liscum – Century 21 Alliance
Mike Martini – Taft Street Winery
Mick Menendez – Pacific Advisors
Curt Nicols (Vice) – Carlile Macy
Stephen Rakoski – SR Police Officer Association
Mike Reynolds – Santa Rosa City Employees Assoc.
Kimberly Waite – Fidelity National Title
Larry Wasem – Airport Business Center
Keith Woods – North Coast Builders Exchange
Lisa Wittke Schaffner – John Jordan Foundation

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