The Sonoma County Alliance wants to keep people and commerce moving smoothly and efficiently throughout Sonoma County to support continued economic recovery and strengthening of the region. With that, the Transportation Committee tries to ensure that funds raised for the building of the SMART Passenger Rail system, expanding the Sonoma County Airport, and improving our local roads and streets, are used effectively.

The SMART Passenger Rail System will be built in phases, starting with 70 miles of track between Cloverdale and Marin County. Although initially planned to be implemented in 2014, increased costs and the economic downturn, in addition to the difficulty of obtaining permits, has resulted in a plan to open a 38 mile segment between Santa Rosa and San Rafael by late 2015 or early 2016.

The Sonoma County Airport’s runways are being improved and expanded, and should be finished late this year. This project has created over 150 construction jobs, and will improve safety and efficiency at the airport.

Local Roads and Streets are a continuously underfunded area, but is a prime area of importance at the SCA. The repair and improvement of our roads is very necessary. Some of the funding in this area goes to the widening of Highway 101 as well, which will be very important in establishing long term economic growth in the Sonoma County region.

Meet Dennis Harter, our Transportation Committee Chair

Sonoma County Alliance Transportation Committee Chair Dennis Harter

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