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About the SCA

The Sonoma County Alliance is a coalition of business, agriculture, labor and individuals organized to encourage a healthy economy, to maintain a sound environment, to protect private property rights and to promote a responsive political process.

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Sonoma County

Our website is intended to be a valuable resource both for our members and the general public. We invite you to log into your accout if you are a member or continue to browse through our website. You can check out upcoming events and read our President's Message.

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At the Sonoma County Alliance, we believe in Accomplishing through Empowerment and achieve this goal through public and member education and advocacy to the decision-makers of Sonoma County and California. Join us and become empowered!

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Join us at one of our monthly breakfasts to discuss the issues facing Sonoma County and meet some of the top minds in Sonoma County business. Don't miss out on your chance to become a part of our proud alliance. Contact us today for more information.

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SCA membership includes companies, organizations, agencies and individuals concerned about the economic, social, and environmental development of Sonoma County. 

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  • A Portrait of Sonoma County

    Complimentary report

    A Portrait of Sonoma County is an in-depth look at how residents of Sonoma County are faring in three fundamental areas of life: health, access to knowledge, and living standards.

    While these metrics do not measure the county’s breathtaking vistas, the rich diversity of its population, or the vibrant web of community organizations engaged in making it a better place, they capture outcomes in areas essential to well-being and opportunity.

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  • Sonoma County Alliance
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    Meeting Registration

    It's time to sign up for pre-paid breakfast for 2014. The pre-paid option gives you a discounted price and automatically registers you for every General Membership Meeting. This year's price will remain at $216 as it has for the past few years.

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  • About the Sonoma County Alliance
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    Committed to Sonoma County and our members

    What we stand for!

    We are an alliance of Sonoma County businesses, organizations, and individuals, advocating for a vibrant community with a robust economy, healthy environment, educated workforce, modern and efficient infrastructure, and a commitment to public safety and well-being. We build strong colations to advocate for these ideals, educate our diverse membership, and influence the regional political process.

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  • Sonoma County Alliance

    Become involved!


    We have different committees to target specific areas of interest from Political Advocacy to Environmental Protection. As a member, we encourage you to become involved to truly make a difference in the county and also gain more visibility among the association.

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Sonoma County Alliance

Alliance - Santa Rosa

Sonoma County is a beautiful place to live, raise a family and operate a business. At the Sonoma County Alliance, we believe in creating a healthy environment for businesses and individuals. Membership in the Sonoma County Alliance is a tangible investment in the present and future success of Sonoma County.


We meet monthly in Santa Rosa and welcome businesses and organizations of all cities and nearby counties interested in moving Sonoma County forward.